“Sunil Karad studied for an MSc (1995-6) in Polymers and Composites in the Department of Engineering Materials at The University of Sheffield where he got interested in fibre reinforced plastics used in Aerospace and other Engineering applications. He remained in Sheffield for a PhD, which he completed in the minimum time of 2 years (1996-8). This was particularly impressive because he chose to study environmental effects in cyanate ester resins and composites where the moisture absorption kinetics is very slow. Thus to achieve sufficient data in 2 years required an efficient and effective research plan.Sunil’s ability to plan carefully the research objectives delivered 7 high quality journal publications.
It was a pleasure to collaborate with Sunil and his year as a visiting scientist (2001-2) was also a stimulating period in my career. I had the great pleasure in meeting Sunil and his family during a visit to MIT at Pune in 1999 and will always treasure the hospitality afforded my wife and myself. Sunil is a highly talented scientist with highly developed planning skills, arising from much thoughtful reading and preparation, which I have not come across very often. Therefore, I am not surprised that he has reached the level of Executive Director.
I wish him a successful future career.”
Emeritus Professor Frank R. Jones
World Fellow of the International Committee for Composite materials
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The University of Sheffield, UK

“Dr Sunil Karad impressed me right from the first meeting several years ago due to his progressive thinking. He carries a great legacy of Karad family and MIT. His early grooming was under mentorship of Dr Vishwanath Karad who has greatly influenced and inspired this young scholar. Coming from small village near Latur, he acquired admissions to most prestigious institutions including Jana Prabodhini School and the University of Sheffield UK from where he did MS and PhD in engineering and technology. While it may have been a tempting option to develop career abroad, he chose to return to India and contribute to development of MIT. He has developed a unique identity as a young leader in higher education with very professional approach.
He has a rare combination of attributes of a dreamer and a doer. The Vishwashanti Gurukul School and Design Institute which he has led the establishments, remain few examples of his creation. He is an institution builder exemplified by the finest institutions of excellence in the respective sectors. He always works hard towards perfection and does not compromise on quality, ethics and values. He has sensitive mind and he cares for the disadvantageous sectors and communities. Honesty and integrity are few of his most precious attributes. According to me his creative mind, humility and simplicity remain his strengths. When Indian higher education landscape is rapidly changing, we need young and principled leaders like Dr Sunil to facilitate the desired transformation. I am sure he will rise to greater heights and make all of us proud.
I wish him the very best! “
Professor Bhushan Patwardhan
Vice Chancellor
Symbiosis International University, Pune

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